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Sewing Adventures

Posted by Miikelle DeFo on January 11, 2014 at 7:15 PM


So I have decided to share my "expertise" with the world. I am now teaching sewing classes. I have also decided to use my blog to talk about my classes and some other interesting things. I am hoping that I can figure out this time lapsed photography thing and put together a few videos of me making some of my upcoming Spring wardrobe.


Well the first class was today, the rain didn't stop them. I got everything set up in the living room of my house, since there is no furniture it works great with the 6 foot table I have. I was so anxious, as teaching is not one of my best things. But I guess when you are talking about something you are passionate about it is easier. Anyway it went swimmingly well. What made it better was their interest in the program


I was also elated that one of them brought their own machine and the other one is purchasing one from me, since I have 3. I think I will limit my classes to 2 or 3 max; that way I can give them personal attention and answer their questions one-on-one. Also it makes them less intimidated about asking questions.


In the class, that last 4 weeks, we will go over the basics of sewing, patterns and fabric selection. This week we covered the basic tools of the trade and look at how the machines work. We will build on that and do a few projects, some field trips to the fabric store and cover more of how to make clothes that fit.


Of course teaching this course at home is a little of a challenge, with 3 kids, but it worked out fine. Even Kindal is a "student"/assistant in the class. I had her going to get things for me; it's her way of paying for the class as she has no actual money.


Well over the course of the next few weeks we will be doing projects. The first is a pillow or tote bag just to get them familiar with the pattern cutting process as well as the sewing process. From there we will get into more detailed projects. We have a men's vest, women's skirt and eventually a dress that we are going to do. I man even do some simple pants as one of the students in a man.


So I will use this blog to keep you all posted on what is going on in class as well as let you know if I figure out the video thing so you can see me in action.


Happy Cutting!



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