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A Stitch in Time

Posted by Miikelle DeFo on January 24, 2014 at 2:55 PM

So class 2 just ended and it was even better. We had to change the schedule but we are making it work. I realized today that sometimes things don’t always go according to schedule. I mean overall we covered everything on the agenda but I wasn’t able to really get to the grit of some parts. Oh well that’s what homework is for. Yes I dish out homework!


Also don’t under value the benefits of working and learning with your own machine. Besides learning just how to sew, you learn how your machine works and it is the best time to ask questions about the machine. That being said I have had to download the manual for one of my student’s fancy computerized machine so I can better help her understand how it works. Yeah we learned some interesting things while sewing, motor control – emotion control. Sometimes control the motor is easier than your emotions. Also spend isn’t everything especially when sewing a spiral.


I learned a lot too. That by the end of the day my brain is just plain tired. I am trying something amazing, using an agenda! I usual improvise, and I do it very well but when teaching a real class a lesson plan is a must. I also learned that sometimes time can get away from you. They seem to respond well to the agenda as it makes me look like I know what I am doing! We looked at control today which is something I am working on in life.


On that note let me show you what I have been working on this week myself. The plan was to do a simple skirt and have it done in one night. Well when they left I was all geared up to complete it and by the time I got it cut out and all it was after midnight so I had to call it quits, since I do have a day job too. Here is a picture of it while I was working on it. I will post the complete picture as I should have it finish to wear on Sunday. In lieu of being a new mom again I have to dress in 2 piece clothing, though I am not a huge fan of making skirts. Why? I have no idea as they take little to no time to do, just don’t have that many tops to go with them I guess.


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